Get the best Free VPN Service 2016 here

If you are looking for the best free vpn service around – you should definitely take a look at Vypr VPN.

Normally, the service is not free, it costs about 10 bucks per month for the normal version or about 20 for the premium vpn.

But – they offer a three days free trial – so you can just enjoy their great vpn service with servers all around the world, fast connection speeds, a really good software client and great features to protect your anonymity for free – no costs, nada, nix, niente.

VyprVPN is a product of the company Goldenfrog – which has a great experience in providing network services because they run one of the best and well known usenet providers worldwide: Giganews.



Benefits of VyprVPN 3 day Free Trial:

  • They currently have 45 server locations operating in 38 countries.
  • All signups include a 3-Day Free Trial for yearly and monthly account plans.
  • They currently offer 2 different pricing options for the 2 plans:
    • Monthly Plans:
      • VyprVPN: $9.95/month
      • VyprVPN Premium: $12.95/month
    • Yearly Plans:
      • VyprVPN: $60 ($5.00/month)
      • VyprVPN Premium: $80 ($6.67/month)
  • They currently offer the following protocols:
    • 128-bit PPTP
    • 256-bit L2TP/IPSec
    • 160 & 256-bit OpenVPN
    • Chameleon – our own proprietary protocol which helps users in countries where VPN traffic is blocked via Deep Packet Inspection.
  • They offer native apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Manual setup instructions for Linux and third-party software/devices can be found here.
  • They give VyprVPN users access to our own proprietary DNS solution, VyprDNS. VyprDNS offers further protection from malicious, snooping 3rd parties and operates exclusively on the VyprVPN network.
  • VPN Kill Switch is now live for Windows and Mac apps
  • They offer 24x7x365 Support via Live Chat on our site.
  • They are incorporated in Meggen, Switzerland.


VyprVPN offers servers in a lot of countries worldwide where you can choose your ip address from: Ireland, Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg, Thailand, Philippines, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, UK, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Australia, Turkey, Austria, Canada, Vietnam, Hong Kong, France, Malaysia, Belgium, Poland, Canada, Norway, Brazil, South Korea, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Lithuania, Malaysia

If you want to buy the service afterwards, you can pay with credit card or paypal – but you dont have to. Just enjoy your 3 days free trial and pay nothing afterwards – its up to you.

If you want to stay on the low cost line afterwards, you can also use one of the following vpn services for free. Just sign up, use the account as much as you want and cancel the subscription in time – then you get your money back and you used the service for free. We have listed all the providers which offer either a free vpn trial – or a money back guarantee. In the following table youll also see how long the money back guarantee is valid.

If you just use every service on this list, you can easily enjoy anonymous surfing by fast and reliable vpn services for almost a full year. Have fund and dont forget to cancel the subscriptions in time!

In case you just search for a free VPN for torrenting, you could also just use a cloud torrent service, which has security features like VPN included. Learn more at

News update about VyprVPN in China:


You likely heard that the Chinese government blocked many popular VPN services recently.

While Golden Frog was affected by China’s attack, we were able to restore connectivity in less than 48 hours. We have continued to make adjustments to restore service to as many server locations as possible. As of right now, our South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore locations are available. We also have restored service to three USA West Coast server locations (Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle). It was important to get service back to areas geographically close to China, as that allows customers in the country to accomplish their most basic VPN need – break out of the Great Firewall’s censorship and obtain a free and secure Internet experience.

In addition to trying the server locations above, we recommend you use our proprietary Chameleon technology that masks VPN traffic so it is less susceptible to China’s DPI (deep packet inspection) tactics.

China’s Great Firewall is a unique challenge for the Internet industry, so we appreciate your patience and understanding during this period. We are closely monitoring the site accessibility from China and will make the necessary adjustments as needed.

Please note that customers in China might not achieve a 100% success rate with VyprVPN during this period. We welcome customer feedback and invite users (and our partners!) in China to share their experiences in our forum.



The best way to select the right VPN?

The motives to take a China VPN supplier having an optimistic brand image are many. They possess a storehouse and have existed for a long time. They’re going to reveal genuine interest in solving your issues when you ask the for help. But some China VPN suppliers are not responsible their VPN China services sometimes blocked by the GFW to customers, but they did not repond to these issues. Just receive the best China VPN to avoid all constraint an be able to access popular sites like vrpornfree.

2.IP address
It is best to have more IP address places than less, when deciding on a China VPN. China has not been idle blocking IP addresses which come from VPN servers that are international. However, of blocking IP address, the matter may come up, but nevertheless, it could be coped with. Also, The greatest VPN would be one which has an IP address from a specific state to unlock sites using territorial limitation. Make sure the sites not block your VPN IP address you would like to go to.

A China VPN shouldn’t just allow you to avoid censorship that is Chinese but in addition protect the security. Find a VPN that found someplace privacy law and do not log your actions is protective, particularly when you would like to do things. Also, The greatest VPN should has at least 128-bit encryption. Hong Kong servers is an excellent option for Chinese customers with regard to both rate and security.

VPN, which functions as a Fundamental Network Platform, is crucial . Many businesses have become much influenced by the network equilibrium. The equilibrium are different and usually different . The more secure the VPN, the more complex the cost. Some China VPNs that are advanced, embrace high performance hardware framework with software that is committed, are not exceptionally unstable.

The Internet speeds in China really are of griping among those with on-line encounter abroad, a typical topic. So that you can cutdown the speed limit, particularly when you’ve got severe demands for rate, then choose pick a China VPN that is fast. Only ping the IP address you’ll understand and they give.

6.Cost / Money back Guarantee
Normally, free VPN China providers often log your actions that are on-line, they’re not doing an excellent job of protecting your web privacy. Paid VPN China services do better in this respect. Get a VPN with satisfactory cost and high security. A totally free trial(or money-back Guarantee) is an effective method understand a VPN service works and to try it.

Added strategies for Using VPN
Is it illegal using VPN? NO, it is legal to make use of a VPN. Now China has no prohibitions. Many Chinese firms want network environment that is safe to work and VPNs only play an important part in it. It’s going to cause serious economic loss by enforce this type of prohibition. In fact, many Chinese netizens are employing various proxies and China VPN services to avoid the Great Firewall(for goals that are valid), but get found. Thus, you do not have to think too much about legal problems connected with VPN use.

But you shouldn’t use action that could present any possible risk to the Chinese government is engaged in by a VPN, otherwise you might experience legal repercussions. For twitter Facebook and youtube, you are likely to be just good.



Other great VPN Providers for China:


China is considered the king of Internet censorship and surveillance. In China, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and a number of other websites are totally blocked by China’s filtering system, which can be popularly called the „Great Firewall“. Therefore, if you’re going to China, you are in need of all constraint to be bypassed by a China VPN.

To scale the wall, the most effective and most easy way to avoid the Firewall that is Chinese would be to get a China VPN(Virtual Private Network), which could trick the machine into believing you are outside China. This means it is possible to get YouTube Facebook and Twitter through the use of a VPN.

Chinese government continues to be active attempting to block VPN China services that are popular. If you Google the word „VPN China“ you’ll find many options. There really are a large number of VPN China alternatives, but many VPN providers frequently have some large businesses, like VyprVPN and ExpressVPN, are truly answerable for their customers, although their services blocked from China,

Base on my expertise, I now recommend the following suppliers as the very best VPN

ExpressVPN for China

ExpressVPN China Pros:
Superb VPN China service that is quick
Servers in 94 states
Exceptionally safe (all subscriptions -bit OpenVPN encryption)
The easy set up along with the client software that is straightforward works on all apparatus
30-day money-back guarantee on all registrations
24/7 hours customer service
Multiple payment procedures

-A little pricey (but worth it)
-Maintain some logs (NO activity logs only log connection data,)
-U.S. based business.

ExpressVPN is a well-known brands on the planet. ExpressVPN’s China service continues to be operating pretty well. Other VPN businesses frequently have their service but ExpressVPN has consistently supplied dependable and secure services.

Since was really blocked in China, folks in China can not get it anymore. Nevertheless, they work difficult to solve this problems and are very responsible. Now you may get their services and support by seeing alternative domain names, or, which isn’t blocked by the Great Firewall. Those domain names .co and .cc are Expressvpn domain names since then.

ExpressVPN can provide you with a secure web connection. No action is logged by them, and it uses high power 256-bit which is quite safe, Chinese government monitor you or can’t track you.

Additionally, it’s quite simple to set up and use. Simply install run it, and it’s able to work with. It can be configured by you on multiple devices(Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux) as you want. Yet, just one computer and one cellular device (telephone or tablet pc) may be connected to ExpressVPN at a time per subscription.

Windows do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Their service only does not function nicely for you or in the event you’re dissatisfied using it, just contact you and them will get a complete refund. Windows consistently have support that is great, when you send an e-mail to them, you’ll receive prompt reply. ExpressVPN is not very false, it is best to give it a go.
ExpressVPN see

PureVPN for China

PureVPN China Pros:
Outstanding customer support
Simple setting up and browse
Adaptive Pricing Strategies
Servers in 78 States
3 Day Trial for
Tutorials accessible
5 simultaneous connections

-Keep an excellent deal of consumer details, log access attempts
-Just 3 Day Money Back guarantee, NO free trial
-No BitCoins

PureVPN is also among the most effective VPN. It might be a good alternative if you are into IRC chat or online gaming. Their server network constitutes of 300 servers in 78 nations. You’re permitted to modify your IP addresses between over 40,000 IPs from tracking you, which can prevent hackers and surveillance agencies.

PureVPN offers China VPN services for many devices(PC, Mac, Android and iOS etc.) and supports multiple data tunneling protocols. Also, you can find tutorials and extensive documentation on the PureVPN web site.

You’re completely anonymous and their servers difficult to disclose your true identity when you’re connected to it. Your web tasks will stay anonymous from phishing efforts any hackers, as well as other Internet snooping. They may keep a few but NO browsing history logs. Value reminded that alternative filesharing traffic or Torrents are restricted in where it is illegal by law specifically United Kingdom, usa, Canada, Australia among others.

PureVPN offers some attributes that are added: Automatic Protocol Choice, Internet Kill Switch, NAT Firewall, Divide Tunnelling, Committed over 40,000 IPs and IP to select from. They assert that users will experience 20mbps when you utilize their VPN service. And I found PureVPN to have speeds that have been well above average when compared with other VPN services.

What impressed me was their 24/7 technical support. They were quite willing to do whatever it took to help me, which making the business really user friendly and react promptly.

VyprVPN for China

VyprVPN ChinaPros:
Pretty speedy China VPN service
3-Day free trial offer, Danger Free!
No any advice logs
Enables P2P/bittorrent
Switzerland based business
Chameleon protocol(which intends to thwart the fantastic firewall of China)

-Unrelated services upselling which is somewhat annoying

VyprVPN is just another VPN China services supplier that is popular. It’s quite a dependable firm with a lot of attributes and secure service.

VyprVPN runs on loads of protocols including OpenVPN, LT2P, PPTP and their own 256-bit encryption protocol called „Chameleon“. The „Chameleon“ protocol was created for getting the better of VPN blocking. It’s helped users in countries like Iran, Russia and China (where have an active internet censorship) through some tough times. „Chameleon“ has been consistently secure. I never experienced any arbitrary disconnections.

Another characteristic is they offer a safe online storage. It’s possible for you to subscribe to get and 50GB free depending which account strategy you decide on. Then you could share files with others. All information is encrypted.

VyprVPN will work on all operating systems and bandwidth is infinite. The service operates pretty well on my computer, and speeds are about 0.8 mbps (of a 1.0 mbps maximum on China Unicom 3G HSPA Network in Guangzhou).

They’ve three bundles accessible – VyprVPN VyprVPN Pro Fundamental and VyprVPN Prime Minister. I do not recommend you purchase the basic bundle because it’s not really safe – without NAT Firewall or Chameleon (an added layer of security for your link). The master and premium substantially more protected with NAT Firewall and Chameleon. They can be somewhat high but worth it. It’s possible for you to test it free so take a look!

HideMyAss for China

Hide My Ass VPN ChinaPros:
IP addresses pool that is huge
30 days money-back guarantee
Most server places (servers in 190 nations)
Pricing strategies that are typical
multiple protocols

-Only log the number data transmitted, NO web site logs as well as connection
-no committed IPs (bank Card and PayPal retailers could have hard time)

HideMyAss is an international business located in uk, and have received customers‘ favored both in the home and abroad(their VPN China service functions excellent as well). The China VPN Service by HideMyAss uses over 940 servers from 190 nations, and there are over 120,000 distinct IP addresses for you to select from.

Hidemyass VPN is easy to set up and use, works on all apparatus with high security in a cost that is reasonable. You may also utilize it . All protocols are compliant.

Their link is snappy, I never experienced any gap. According to my expertise, asian server is alot quicker. Weirdly I use the China server of Hidemyass VPN to access sites that the Great Firewall blocks. Furthermore , you’re exceptionally safe when using their service. Each single time you connect to the net, HideMyAss provides you with a new IP address that is anonymous, where you’re or who can’t be distinguished by any third parties.

HideMyAss receives high evaluations for being simple to work with. It’s uncommon that users run into difficulties while using PayPal’s service, which generally aren’t the dilemmas itself of the VPN service. 24/7 customer is provided by them. There is also a knowledge base giving options for issues that are recognizable to you.

HideMyAss does not have many distinct characteristics that differ from other VPN services, but it’s really affordable, quick, secure, and simple. If you means to leave for China, I firmly urge HideMyAss because it’s now an offer that is balanced. All strategies provide you with the complete VPN service with 30-day return privilege. No trial can be acquired.


Private Internet Access for China

Private Web Access VPN ChinaPros:
No any advice logs
DNS leak protection in customer.
5 simultaneous connections from one account
P2P support
Exceptionally protected (256-bit OpenVPN encryption)

-Medium speed VPN China service
-Setup procedure is somewhat perplexing
-small IP addresses

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a professional China VPN supplier. It provides VPN strategies that are low-cost but never compromise on security or functionality at all. Risk-Free, Affordable, and Reputable.

PIA has any advantages. One is the fact that it uses common IP addresses rather than static or dynamic IPs. Thus, it is not possible to tracking a user that is particular as it’s boring to connect individual file transfers to any particular person utilizing the service. Also, it’s exceedingly anonymous. Shared ip addresses in addition to no logs, is in the heart of the values of PIA and solitude.

Private Internet Access supports multiple VPN protocols (Open VPN, PPTP plus L2TP/IPsec), each having its features. Also, not like other VPN suppliers, Private Internet Access supply a SOCKS5 Proxy as an additional incentive. It’s the fastest protocol.

Other VPN providers‘ China service truly amazed me and is quick. In testing I reached rates substantially higher. It’s worth attempting.

Overall, Private Internet Access is an excellent worth. To supply high quality, low cost to users is their purpose. What’s more bad is that the specific user supply 128-bit encryption -bit encryption. Plus users do not offer money back guarantee or free trial. PIA is liked by me because users provide a lot for the cost. PIA is an excellent option, if you’d like a lesser cost.

Best VPN Providers with Free Trials or Money Back Guarantee:

Homepage Free VPN Trial Details: Locations: 3 Days Free Trial 40 Countries 30 Days Money Back - no questions asked 75 Countries 7 Days Money Back 10 Countries 7 Days Money Back 13 Countries 24 h Free Trial Account 3 Countries 7 Days Money Back 32 Countries 30 Days Money Back 41 Countries 7 Days Money Back 15 Countries 7 Days Money Back 41 Countries 7 Days Free Trial Account n.a. 30 Days Money Back 5 Countries 3 Days Money Back (limit 50MB) 12 Countries 30 Days Money Back 5 Countries 15 Days Money Back 23 Countries Free Trial Account 3 Countries 7 Days Money Back 35 Countries 7 Days Money Back 9 Countries 30 minutes Trial Account 8 Countries 2 Days Money Back (only PPTP-, L2TP) 48 Countries Restricted Free Version 19 Countries 100% Money Back Guarantee 18 Countries 30 Days Money Back 1 Countries 7 Days Money Back 20 Countries 30 Days Money Back (limit 10MB) 30+ Countries 30 Days Money Back 3 Countries 5 Days Money Back 18 Countries 7 Days Money Back 12 Countries 7 Days Money Back 9 Countries 1 Day Free Trial Account (limit 1GB) 6 Countries 1 Day Free Trial Account 8 Countries Restricted Free Version 32 Countries 1 h Free Trial Account 37 Countries